Quality-Time: A Key Factor

Experts and researches tell us repeatedly that the amount of quality-time parents spend with their young kids is of great importance. Quality-time can be defined as time of true connection and true undivided attention. A time in which the parent and child are involved in joined activities without distractions.

A research led by Kristin A. Moore, PhD, and published on Child Trends, one of US leading research organization focused exclusively on improving the lives of children, has found that increased parent-child quality time is consistently and positively associated with:

  • Increased child social competence
  • Increased child school engagement
  • Better parent-child communication
  • Decreased child behavior problems

In summing her research about time mothers spend with young children – published on April 2015 in the Journal of Marriage and Family – sociologist Melissa A. Milkie states that ״Quality moments of connection is most important for both parent and child well-being״.

Health Recommendations

  • The American Academy of Child & Adolescent psychiatry (AACAP) recommends using screens in ways that build creativity and connection with family and friends
  • According to AACAP, positive and healthy screen use is possible with proper guidance and consistency.
  • The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends using media together with kids.
  • The AAP also recommends using educational apps that are designed for a dual audience (ie, both parent and child).
  • More from the AAP: encouraging parents to change to educational and prosocial content and engage with their children around technology will allow children to reap the most benefit from what they view.